Titus Andronicus: All The Deaths

If it seems to you like I revisit the death toll of Titus Andronicus with disproportionate frequency… you’re right, and that’s because it will never not be hilarious. Here’s a video of me methodically illustrating all of them. (One of my pens started to run out of ink partway through, but fortunately it wasn’t my red pen.)

This video comes to you courtesy of all my awesome supporters over at Patreon. Thanks to all of them for helping make it possible for me to do what is, objectively, a dream job.

I’m taking the next two weeks off! Enjoy your summers and I’ll see you back here in August.

The Titus Andronicus Death Clock

Have you ever said to yourself, "Wow, I really wish there was a handy way to keep track of all the deaths in Titus Andronicus"? Well, are you ever in luck! I am here unveiling the first ever Good Tickle Brain deathographic! (It's like an infographic, but with more death.)

Starting with Alarbus and proceeding clockwise, this chart gives you a chronological rundown of who gets killed when, and by whom. Print a copy out and bring it along the next time you go to a performance of Titus, to help you keep track of where you are in the play.

Don't forget to check out my goodies in the Good Tickle Brain Shoppe! There's no actual Titus death clock available yet, but you never know...

Three-Panel Plays, part 17

The third-to-the-last installment of my Three-Panel Plays series is upon us! My, how time flies when one is having fun. 

I hope you won't judge me unkindly, but out of all thirty-eight plays, this was easily my favorite one to draw.

I saw a fantastic performance of Troilus and Cressida at the Stratford Festival back in 2003. I don't actually remember much about it, except Patroclus full-frontal flashed Odysseus, Paris and Helen got it on on-stage, and there were lots of people running around with spears. It was a lot of fun. 

We're almost done! Come back on Monday for Twelfth Night and The Two Gentlemen of Verona

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