The Troilus and Cressida Death Clock

It's the penultimate Shakespearean (tragedy) Death Clock! The classification of infamous "problem play" Troilus and Cressida as a tragedy is a bit shaky, but, even though its title characters don't die, I feel it's closer to a tragedy than a comedy. It certainly doesn't leave you rolling in the aisles. 

I'm not 100% sure I got all the deaths. The Trojan War is going on constantly in the background, so I might have missed some before the big bloodbath at the end. Let me know if I have!  Troilus and Cressida is a weird, weird play... 

Anyways, tune in next Tuesday for the final installment of the Shakespearean Death Clocks! least until I start work on the history plays...

Shakespearean Character Spotlight: Chorus

It's time for the second installment of my very-ongoing Shakespearean Character Spotlight series! Today the random number generator has picked out a Chorus for closer inspection, but it's probably not the Chorus you're thinking of. No, it's not that other one either. It's (drumroll please) the Chorus from Troilus and Cressida!

I want to start a campaign to reintegrate "orgulous" into contemporary speech. Start using it today! I suggest trying out the phrase "Don't be so orgulous, man." 

Three-Panel Plays, part 17

The third-to-the-last installment of my Three-Panel Plays series is upon us! My, how time flies when one is having fun. 

I hope you won't judge me unkindly, but out of all thirty-eight plays, this was easily my favorite one to draw.

I saw a fantastic performance of Troilus and Cressida at the Stratford Festival back in 2003. I don't actually remember much about it, except Patroclus full-frontal flashed Odysseus, Paris and Helen got it on on-stage, and there were lots of people running around with spears. It was a lot of fun. 

We're almost done! Come back on Monday for Twelfth Night and The Two Gentlemen of Verona

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