Warning Signs

There are certain climbers who are my canaries in a coalmine. If I see them fall on a route, I immediately pretend it doesn’t exist.


The Crux

My project is getting taking down this week. Fortunately, routesetter Bronson was on hand to document one of my attempts last week, the results of which I reproduce here:


Clip It Real Good

I’m off to a citizens comp at my friendly semi-local climbing gym this afternoon! Wish me luck. My goals are to finish in the top-half of the women’s intermediate division and to beat my previous best time on the speed wall (36 seconds).


Green-Eyed Monster

One of the things I love most about the climbing community is how supportive and encouraging everyone is. On the outside, anyways…



I don’t project routes as often as I should, but when I do, I invariably spend much more time telling people how my project is going than I do actually projecting.


Evolving Shoe Preferences

I currently have five pairs of climbing shoes (all of them Tenayas) and yet I do 95% of my climbing in what are ostensibly my warm-up pair.

Climber Christmas Carols, part 1

Happy holidays to all my awesome readers! Hope you get some wall time during the winter break. I’m off next week, but will be back with more fun climbing comics in the new year!


Crushing Carols

Hang in there, fellow gym rats. Only a couple more days of climbing to the soft sounds of Christmas crooning being piped through the speakers.


I just want to say… I’m super proud of my gnarly toe calluses.


Don't Sweat It

My hands start sweating like Niagara Falls if I even THINK about climbing. Meanwhile…


Old Friends

Climb at a gym long enough, and you’ll start to have very personal relationships with individual holds.