Previously Owned Equines

Today's comic is mostly an obscure conglomeration of in-joke, because sometimes you have to do that. 


The passage in question is this one, from Macbeth:


And Duncan's horses--a thing most strange and certain--
Beauteous and swift, the minions of their race,
Turn'd wild in nature, broke their stalls, flung out,
Contending 'gainst obedience, as they would make
War with mankind.

Old Man

'Tis said they eat each other.


They did so, to the amazement of mine eyes
That look'd upon't. 

Stick Figure Iconography: Lady Macbeth

Let's continue our look at the distinctive characteristics and props of some of Shakespeare's most famous characters! 


Lady Macbeths generally come in all manner of shapes, colors, costumes, and hairstyles nowadays, so it's a bit hard to nail down an iconic look, but one thing is certain: slap a bunch of stage blood on a lady's hands, have her look slightly unhinged, and HEY PRESTO! You've got yourself a Lady Macbeth.

Bloody hands is always a challenge when it comes to stick figures because (SURPRISE SURPRISE) stick figures don't actually have hands. I usually just sprinkle some blood droplets around and call it a day. 

Shakespearean Christmas Carols, part 4

The holidays are upon us! Celebrate by substituting the words to your favorite carols with these decidedly more Shakespearean verses:


Be sure to check out my other Shakespearean Christmas Carols: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3

I'm taking the next week off, but look forward to being back here with you as we stagger into 2018 together! Happy holiday(s) of your choosing!

Murderers Anonymous (part 2)

Let's check back in with everyone's least-favorite support group...

Poor Steve.

(Thanks to Chris Prentice for letting me borrow Steve.)

Upcoming Appearances

I'm giving the opening address at the Utah Shakespeare Festival Wooden O Symposium! Here are all the fun details:

WHO: Me!
WHAT: Opening address at USF's cross-disciplinary Shakespeare conference! I'll be talking about Good Tickle Brain, comics, and Shakespeare! 
WHEN: Monday, August 7, 5:00pm
WHERE: Movie Theatre, Sharwan Smith Student Center, Cedar City, Utah
WHY: Because they asked me!
HOW: My talk is free and open to the public! Just show up!