How "Measure for Measure" Should Have Ended

After I did my "How Much Ado About Nothing Should Have Ended" comic, I stopped to think about what other severely problematic endings there are in Shakespeare's canon. It turns out (unsurprisingly) that there's a lot of them! Here's how I'd fix Measure for Measure's ending:

Poor Isabella has SUCH a rough time, and is given such a rough time by everybody for prioritizing her religious convictions (i.e. not agreeing to sleep with Angelo) over the life of her brother. And then what happens at the end? The duke is all "EVERYTHING IS SETTLED, YOU'LL MARRY ME NOW, IT'S ALL GOOD".

To be fair, he leaves the question marginally more open than that, but he is the DUKE, and it's super-hard to say "no" to a Duke. Her response to his proposition is deafening silence, and how she actually reacts is up to interpretation. 

"Burn in all down" is just my interpretation...

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Three-Panel Plays, part 10

We've finally reached the halfway point of my Three-Panel Plays series! Gosh, that Shakespeare fellow wasn't half prolific, was he? Anyways, 20 down, 18 to go...

Pictured: grisly corpses of Duncan and Banquo. Not pictured: grisly corpses of everyone else. 

It's a comedy, folks. Honestly. Although I did leave out the bit about the severed head. You can read more on that here.

"M" is a very popular letter in Shakespeare's titles. Join us again on Friday, when we'll be taking a very brief look at The Merchant of Venice and The Merry Wives of Windsor

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