Murderers Anonymous (part 2)

Let's check back in with everyone's least-favorite support group...

Poor Steve.

(Thanks to Chris Prentice for letting me borrow Steve.)

Upcoming Appearances

I'm giving the opening address at the Utah Shakespeare Festival Wooden O Symposium! Here are all the fun details:

WHO: Me!
WHAT: Opening address at USF's cross-disciplinary Shakespeare conference! I'll be talking about Good Tickle Brain, comics, and Shakespeare! 
WHEN: Monday, August 7, 5:00pm
WHERE: Movie Theatre, Sharwan Smith Student Center, Cedar City, Utah
WHY: Because they asked me!
HOW: My talk is free and open to the public! Just show up!

Campaign Quotes, part 1

As you just might have heard, the U.S. presidential campaign is well underway now. I thought it might be useful to start collecting some of the most appropriate Shakespearean quotes related to politics.

I love the phrase "scurvy politician".

Disillusioned with the current crop of candidates? Support the Players' Party and pick up some Shakespeare/Burbage gear at the Good Tickle Shoppe! </end shameless plug>

Shakespearean Christmas Carols, part 2

Tomorrow is Christmas! And you know what that means... MORE SHAKESPEAREAN CHRISTMAS CAROLS!

Seriously, Cordelia... you better watch out...

I love The Holly and the Ivy, but it doesn't seem to be as popular as it used to be. It's so relentlessly up-tempo and goes on and on and on and on and on...

If you're in the mood for more Shakespearean Christmas Carols, check out my first installment and be sure to read the reader-submitted ones in the comments, including two different takes on Carol of the Bells and another jab at King Lear.

Happy holidays to all of you! I will be taking next week off, but will see you back here in 2016. It's been a busy and exciting year for me, and I am so very thankful to all of you for reading and supporting my work. I am looking forward to another year of sharing Shakespearean silliness with you!

Shakespearean Character Spotlight: Humphrey, Duke of Gloucester

I started doing these Shakespearean Character Spotlights to cut down my workload. "It'll be easy," I thought. "I'll just randomly pick a character and give people a quick overview of him or her! I won't have to think up jokes or spend a lot of time on it!" I mean, how much time does it really take to profile Third Servant or Soldier?

And then what happens? My random number generator gives me this guy. He's in four plays. Four plays. It's not fair.

The historical Humphrey was a much more troubling person, prone to idiotic warmongering, alienating people and generally being a self-serving prick. But the image that got handed down was of Good Duke Humphrey, and so here we have him. 

In other news, I named a papier-mâché spider after Humphrey. He sits on my computer monitor at work and has a tiny top-hat made from a Post-It note. I was going to call him Richard, after the famous bottled spider, but thought that was too obvious, so I cast around for another Duke of Gloucester and settled on Humphrey. It's a very nice name, Humphrey.

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As most of you probably know, the U.S. held its midterm elections yesterday. I generally aim to keep post-Stuart politics off of this blog, but I thought it might be fun to interview some of our favorite characters and find out what issues were important to them in this election. 


It turns out none of them are U.S. citizens, and thus are ineligible to vote, so this entire comic was an exercise in futility. Oh well. 

Shakespearean Character Spotlight: Smith the Weaver

It's time for another Shakespearean Character Spotlight! After featuring a couple of prominent heroines, we're back to taking a closer look at the unwashed masses of background characters. Meet Smith the Weaver!

Among Jack Cade's followers, poor Smith the Weaver very much plays second fiddle to the ore flamboyant Dick the Butcher, who gets to say the famous "kill all the lawyers" line. Nobody remembers Smith's "toasted cheese" line. Poor old Smith.

In case you're wondering what is around Smith's neck, it's supposed to be a scarf. He wove himself a little scarf. 

Three-Panel Plays, part 7

More Three-Panel Plays today! These are the last ones to have any Henries in them, I promise you.

OK, so I had to cheat on this one. I just couldn't summarize the enormous political complexities of Henry VI, part 3 in just three panels. So I added two more. That was enough.


Tudor-style hats are hard to draw. I would like everyone to know that. 

On Friday, we go Roman for a moment with Julius Caesar, then switch back to Plantagenets - early Plantagenets, this time - with King John.

See all Three-Panel Plays here!