What Tweets That Trump? part 1

Seeing as tomorrow is (alas) Inauguration Day, I thought I would take some of our incoming president's more recent tweets and match them up with Shakespearean characters... with some strategic alterations where necessary.

The first draft of this comic was, like, all history plays. His tweets match up very well with history plays, alarmingly....

Shakespeare's Missing Mothers, part 2

Following up on last Thursday's comic highlighting some of the many mothers missing from Shakespeare's plays, here are some more missing mothers, rightfully restored to their places.

A few thoughts:

  1. From a dramatic standpoint, there's definitely a reason why Shakespeare left these mothers out in favor of mothers like Volumnia and Margaret of Anjou...
  2. King Lear really suffers from a lack of mothers. Mothers would have sorted that whole play out before you even got to the second scene. 
  3. I kind of want to do a series of comics now on how Mrs. Polonius manages to diffuse the entire situation at Elsinore and everyone ends up over at her place talking through their feelings over cups of hot tea and some scones. 


Shakespeare's Missing Mothers, part 1

The number of Shakespearean characters who have a father but are, for some usually unspoken reason, missing a mother is often commented on. This isn't to say that there aren't any mothers in Shakespeare.... there are just a lot of missing ones. Let's see what happens when we put some of them back. 

Queen Lear would have SHUT THAT THING DOWN. 

Shakespearean Christmas Carols, part 3

You've sang through part 1 and part 2, so here's the most recent set of Shakespearean Christmas carols! 

Happy holidays to all of you! I will be taking next week off to spend time with my family, but I look forward to seeing you here again in the new year!

2016 has definitely had its full share of heartbreak, but it was also a year of adventure and excitement (and stress and euphoria and terror and learning) as I started working full-time on Good Tickle Brain. Thanks again to all of you for reading and supporting and laughing and generally being a fantastic audience. I look forward to another year of sharing Shakespearean silliness with you.