Campaign Trials: Election Day

It's finally here! Let's get this farcical election over with!

I'm with her. "Her" being Elizabeth Regina/Gloriana/Good Queen Bess, of course, because I'm not about to tell you how to vote. 

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Campaign Trials: The Debate, part 1

Let's sit down for the first (and, thankfully, only) presidential debate between William Shakespeare and Christopher Marlowe!

I'm being a bit unfair to Marlowe here, as his authorship of the infamous Dutch Church Libel (a poem in rhymed iambic pentameter that threatened recent Protestant refugees from France and the Netherlands, and which may or may not have led to his untimely demise) was never confirmed. However, it contrasts very nicely with the passage in Sir Thomas More on refugees, which is largely agreed to have been written by Shakespeare. I'll let Sir Ian McKellen take it from here:

Tune in again on Thursday for the rest of the debate! 

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Campaign Trials: The Issues

Let's see what the candidates have to say about some of this election's major issues... in their own words, naturally.

I'm not terribly familiar with Marlowe - the only one of his plays that I've seen so far is Edward II - but I just love "HOLLA, YE PAMPERED JADES OF ASIA", which Tamburlaine declaims as he enters on a chariot drawn by captive kings. It's so unapologetically dramatic. Plus, Pistol totally riffs off of it in 2 Henry IV

Tune in on Thursday to see what the popular support for Shakespeare and Marlowe is like. And remember to pick up your Shakespeare election gear from the Good Tickle Shoppe! (Sorry, Marlowe supporters...)

Campaign Trials: The Rivals

You can't (or rather you shouldn't) have a presidential election with only one candidate, and who better to challenge Shakespeare than his contemporary, that dramatic genius and trail-blazing playwright CHRISTOPHER MARLOWE!

The heavily-bearded gentleman is Edward "Ned" Alleyn, also known as Ben Affleck from Shakespeare in Love, who played many of Marlowe's leading men, including Faustus and Tamburlaine. It's a bit weird, when you picture him as a closely-cropped Ben Affleck, to find out that he actually had a great big bushy beard.

Tune in next week as the campaigns get underway, and don't forget to pick up some limited-time-only Shakespeare campaign gear from the Good Tickle Shoppe