Stick Figure Iconography: Prospero

For the last (for the moment, anyways) installment of this month's Shakespearean Stick Figure Iconography series, we're going to take a look at that very iconic sorcerer, Prospero!


Of course, one of the most memorable Prosperos I've ever seen was Patrick Stewart as a bald, clean-shaven, fur-clad arctic Prospero, and female Prosperos are becoming more and more widespread, so obviously these signifiers are not universal...

....except the stick. He's always got his stick.

Tune in next week as we start on an April Shakespeare special! 

Shakespeare's Missing Mothers, part 1

The number of Shakespearean characters who have a father but are, for some usually unspoken reason, missing a mother is often commented on. This isn't to say that there aren't any mothers in Shakespeare.... there are just a lot of missing ones. Let's see what happens when we put some of them back. 

Queen Lear would have SHUT THAT THING DOWN. 


As most of you probably know, the U.S. held its midterm elections yesterday. I generally aim to keep post-Stuart politics off of this blog, but I thought it might be fun to interview some of our favorite characters and find out what issues were important to them in this election. 


It turns out none of them are U.S. citizens, and thus are ineligible to vote, so this entire comic was an exercise in futility. Oh well. 

Shakespearean Character Spotlight: Gonzalo

Point One: Hurricane Gonzalo has recently battered Bermuda the British Isles.

Point Two: The random number generator I use to select which Shakespearean character I am going to feature in my weekly spotlight selected Gonzalo... from The Tempest...

Conclusion: Random number generators have sick and inappropriate senses of humor, and are also Shakespeare aficionados. I apologize.

Gonzalo is so Good and Honest and Kind that you sometimes want to smack him around a bit, but then you feel guilty about thinking such evil thoughts about such a Good and Honest and Kind person.

Tune in on Friday for Crispin's Day Special!

Three-Panel Plays, part 16

The Three-Panel Plays are into the Ts now. If anyone ever asks you "which letter is most likely to start the title of a Shakespeare play?" the answer is T - assuming you're counting The Two Noble Kinsmen, of course. Otherwise it's H, with all the Henries. 

That's the basic gist of The Tempest. I'm very sorry that I cut out Caliban, but (a) I didn't have the space for him, and (b) I don't know how to draw Calibans. 

Confession: Out of the 37 Shakespeare plays that I have seen (I stupidly missed the Stratford Festival's production of The Two Noble Kinsmen back in 2002) I would have to say that Timon of Athens is probably my least favorite. This is probably because I am a feckless, shallow youth more interested in the joys of the world than in a bitter study of a man's descent into miserable misanthropy, but hey, to each their own. 

Next up on Friday, we hurtle on towards the end with Titus Andronicus (that's a fun one, believe you me) and Troilus and Cressida!

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