Three-Panel Plays, part 1

In the four months that I've been working on this website, I have managed to complete two comprehensive, scene-by-scene guides to Shakespeare plays (Richard II and Coriolanus). At this rate, it is going to take me several years to finish the entire canon. For those of you who are too impatient to wait that long, I present to you the first installment of my much-more-abbreviated Three-Panel Play series. 

We will be doing this alphabetically. 

All's Well That Ends Well is generally categorized as a "problem play", mostly because nobody can quite figure out how to handle the ending. Technically it's a comedy because HA HA.

OH NO, SPOILERS! Oh, come on. Everyone knows how Antony and Cleopatra ends. 

I'll be back on Wednesday with As You Like It and A Comedy of Errors

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