The Tomb Where It Happened (a Hamilton parody)

Time for another Hamilton/Shakespeare parody! Today's offering takes Romeo and Juliet and sets it to "The Room Where It Happens":

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I'm Hunchbacked (a Hamilton parody)

I had a lot of fun putting together a Hamlet-themed  Hamilton parody of "Wait for It" a month ago, and, as one cannot desire too much of a good thing, I've gone ahead and done another one. From one English king to another...

(Here's the song it's based on, if you haven't heard it yet, sung by King George III to the American colonies.)

Thanks again to Dan Beaulieu of the Seven Stages Shakespeare Company and No Holds Bard Podcast for being my sounding board on this comic. 

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Shakespeare Flowchart Poster News!

Hamleton: Wait For It

OK, so I'm over a year late to get on the Hamilton bandwagon. I've been geeking out about it from afar but only recently made the time to actually sit down and listen properly to the whole thing. 

It's hardly revolutionary (SEE WHAT I DID THERE?) to make a connection between Hamilton and Hamlet. Hamilton's creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda, got the ball rolling with this recorded encounter:

Well, I've never met a musical number that I haven't wanted to at least try to parody, so I thought I'd take a song from Hamilton and rework it a bit... into Hamleton. It was not easy, as Miranda's lyrics are very dense and intricate, and I'm not entirely sure I've succeeded, but here it is anyways. Many thanks to Dan Beaulieu of the Seven Stages Shakespeare Company and No Holds Bard Podcast for acting as Lyrical Dramaturge on this effort. 

(Here's the song in question, if you've somehow managed not to listen to Hamilton yet.)

Write here...

COMING SOON* TO A WEBCOMIC NEAR YOU: Cordelia... Goneril... and Regan... the Le-ar Sisters!

*may or may not be coming soon

If you like Shakespeare/musical theatre mash-ups, be sure to check out The Sound of Hamlet and Into the (Shakespearean) Woods