Shakespeare World Cup 2018: The Charts

The Shakespeare World Cup begins on Thursday! To help you get the most out of it, I've created these handy charts for you to print and fill out as the tournament progresses, so you can keep track of how everyone is doing. 

We begin with the group stages:

And then here's where the fun REALLY starts... the knockout stages! 

Print those bad boys out, stick 'em up on your bulletin board, and get ready for a month of cut-throat Shakespearean showdowns! I'll be posting commentary and results over on Twitter (@GoodTickleBrain) as close to live as my schedule allows, but if you're not on Twitter, no worries. I'll be collecting all that material and posting it here on Tuesdays and Thursdays, as usual.

Upcoming Appearances 

The Ann Arbor Comic Arts Festival is THIS WEEKEND! If you're in the SE Michigan area, stop by and say hello!

  • WHO: Me! And also at least three other Shakespeare-related authors and artists: Shaun Manning of Macbeth: The Red King, Zack Giallongo of The Stratford Zoo, and Conor McCreery of Kill Shakespeare
  • WHAT: The Ann Arbor Comic Arts Festival, a two-day mini comics convention featuring all sorts of awesome comic artists. Check out the full line-up of guests and activities on their website. I will have a table in Artist Alley and will be selling my full range of comic books, t-shirts, posters, and other goodies. There might even be one or two exclusive surprises available!
  • WHERE: The downtown branch of the Ann Arbor District Library in Ann Arbor, MI. 
  • WHEN: 12:00pm-6:00pm on Saturday, June 16 and Sunday, June 17. 
  • WHY: Because A2CAF is the only comics convention I'm attending this year (as of right now, anyways).

Hope to see some of you there!