Shakespeare World Cup 2018: The Final

IT'S OVER. 25 gamedays and 64 matches later, and we have a winner! 


Yes, in the end it was a comfortable victory for Timon, who overcame his play's narrative of abject failure and mismanagement to put in a calm, composed, and professional performance throughout the tournament. Here's a recap of the Triumph of Timon:


And so here's something I never thought I would say.... CONGRATULATIONS TIMON!

(We return to you your regular, non-sports-related Shakespeare comics on Thursday....)

Shakespeare World Cup 2018: The Semi-Finals

And now we know who will be playing each other in the Shakespeare World Cup final on Sunday! IT'S GONNA BE....


By and large I've been OK with the dramatically-arbitrary, numerically-determined character assignments for each team, but it's becoming increasingly difficult to narratively justify Timon's cruise through this tournament. He's energetic, well-disciplined, and controlled, and will probably (PROBABLY) defeat the powerful sorcerer-duke Prospero. I'm kind of dreading having to figure out how to make that work... Even Act 1 rich-and-happy Timon can't rationally be expected to defeat an actual magician with elemental spirits at his command. 

Shakespeare World Cup 2018: Days 8-11

There's been a whole lot of Shakespeare World Cup action over the last five days! Get caught up now:


Starting with Day 12, we're into the last round of group games, in which we find out for certain who wins each group, who is the runner-up in each group, and who are eliminated. Groups A and B have already been resolved... but if you want to know the results, check back on Thursday! (Or check out my Twitter commentary...)

Shakespeare World Cup 2018: Days 5-7

The Shakespeare World Cup group stages keep on rolling along! Let's see what's happened in the latest round of matches:


So, by this stage every character has played at least once, and the characters in Groups A and B have played twice. In Group A, Polonius (Russia) and Leontes (Uruguay) will both be going through to the knockout stages, although they will have to play each other next week to determine who wins the group. Pandarus and Bassanio will be going home. Group B has been more competitive, with Henry V, Othello, and Helen all claiming one win apiece, and only Morocco certain to go home at this stage. 

Tune in on Tuesday for a WHOLE LOT MORE RESULTS!