A Stick-Figure King Lear: Act 4, Scene 2

The Story So Far: The Dukes of Cornwall and Albany are busily mobilizing their troops to counter Cordelia's army at Dover, which, coincidentally, is where both the mad King Lear and the newly-eyeless Gloucester are headed. Can you say "denouement"?

Goneril's sudden desire for Edmund kind of comes out of nowhere, although it shouldn't be that surprising. As the new Earl of Gloucester, he is now a nobleman, and he clearly has plenty of personal charm. And, let's face it, the Duke of Albany is kind of bland. Well-meaning, but incredibly bland.

Oswald gets a letter to deliver! If you're playing the "Oswald Drinking Game", take a drink.

Tune in again next Monday, when we'll check in and see how Cordelia (remember her?) is doing!