A Stick-Figure King Lear: Act 4, Scene 3

The Story So Far: Everyone and their brother are converging upon Dover. Kent and King Lear are going there. Gloucester and Edgar are going there. Edmund and Albany are planning to go there. Why Dover? Because that's where Cordelia and the French army are!

Cordelia is one of these character who, despite not actually being in the play very much, casts a long shadow. She goes off to France at the end of the very first scene and doesn't reappear until now, but everyone is constantly talking and thinking about her. Mostly they're thinking "If only Cordelia hadn't been so flaming honest, everyone would have been happy and we could have skipped an entire act of mad storm ravings and eye-gougings." 

Or is that just me?

Tune in on Wednesday, when Oswald tries to deliver his letter! YAY OSWALD.