A Stick-Figure King Lear: Act 4, Scene 1

The Story So Far: The Earl of Gloucester, in defiance of Regan and the Duke of Cornwall's orders, helped the raving King Lear escape to Dover, where Lear's daughter, Cordelia, has returned at the head of the French army, determined to restore her father to power. For his act of kindness, Gloucester has his eyes gouged out by Cornwall. 

I know what you're probably thinking: as soon as Edgar hears that his father knows he was falsely accused, why doesn't he speak up and tell his father that he's there? Why does he persist in acting like a mud-covered madman? There are many explanations - Edgar wants to remain in disguise in case Cornwall's men come looking for him, Edgar is understandably wary after his father tried to have him arrested on trumped-up charges, Edgar is using his disguise to help cure his father of suicidal despair, Edgar has come to really enjoy the freedom that being a half-naked madman affords him, etc. However, I can't help thinking that things would have been easier all around if he'd just said "Hey dad, I forgive you for trying to have me arrested. Let's go find King Lear."

Tune in again on Friday*, when we'll get to see Edmund and Goneril make out. Hubba hubba.

*I accidentally posted this comic a day early and can't be bothered to try and take it and all its associated social media posts down. I'm sorry if this inexplicably knocks your week's schedule off-kilter somehow.