The Adventures of Lego Shakespeare, part 1

A little bit of a lazy post from me today, whilst I prepare myself to tackle King Lear next month. If you follow me on Twitter or on Facebook, you'll know that one of my friends recently acquired a Lego Shakespeare mini-figure for me, after much trial, error, and cunning. Naturally, I was really excited to see what sort of antics Lego Shakespeare could get up to, and have been posting the results sporadically on my various social media outlets. So, for those of you too wise and sensible to be on Twitter and Facebook, here are the results so far:

Lego Shakespeare's debut! Of course there had to be a bear involved. There always has to be a bear involved. 

I woke up one morning to find that The GlobeHollow Crown Fans, and various other prominent Shakespearean Twitter accounts were encouraging people to post photos of their Shakespeare books. Decades ago, I had bought a very tiny copy of Henry V - my favorite play - which I used to carry around with me as a sort of Shakespearean security blanket. I managed to find it and had Lego Shakespeare pose for a photo with it, for scale.

I quickly discovered a challenging aspect of setting up Lego Shakespeare photo-shoots: finding things for him to interact with that aren't too big for the frame. I originally staged this with a paring knife, but it was so big that only the handle itself fit into the frame and you couldn't really tell what it was. So I substituted a teaspoon instead. The end result was funnier, because anything involving the word "spoon" is automatically funny. 

This has been the never-ending winter here in the Midwest (and across most of North America). So when I woke up to another four inches of freshly-fallen snow, I though it was the ideal time to take Lego Shakespeare outdoors. Unfortunately, Lego Shakespeare is not four inches tall, and was quickly overwhelmed.

Undaunted, Lego Shakespeare commandeered a T-47 snowspeeder and returned to the great icy wilderness. (In case you're wondering, the original quote is "Hath no man's dagger here a point for me?" See, "hath" sounds like the ice planet "Hoth" from Star Wars, so... hey, I said it was a terrible pun.)

This is my favorite Lego Shakespeare installment so far. I posted it, appropriately enough, on the Ides of March. It still makes me giggle, which probably says a bit too much about my psyche. (Also, note the stealth pun in "severity"... I'm quite proud of that one.)

These little tiny eranthis are always the first flowers to emerge at the beginning of spring, often coming up under the snow. Sure enough, when the snow around here finally started to melt, I spotted lots of squished-looked eranthis buds bravely poking up through the leaf cover. HOPE. That's what it is. 

Also, I am going to make a bold statement and say that nobody can sing "Hey ding a ding ding" without sounding incredibly silly. Anyone want to debate that point with me?

That's it from me today! My apologies to my Twitter and Facebook followers for not having anything new and exciting today. Tune in again next week, when "new and exciting" will be back on the menu, possibly featuring some more Shakespearean Selfies