Three-Panel Plays, part 19

This is it! The final installment of Three-Panel Plays! As Bottom would say, "alack, alack, alack". They've been a lot of fun to do.

There are only two plays that I have not seen live on stage. One is, ironically, Richard III have seen numerous film and filmed stage performances of it, but I missed it when it was last on at the Stratford Festival and haven't found a conveniently-located production of it since. The other is The Two Noble Kinsmen, which I have neither seen (even on screen) or read. I don't think that will change anytime soon.


OK, so remember how I had a hard time drawing donkey-heads? Drawing bears is even harder. I guess that looks more or less like a bear, but I thought I'd better label it just to make sure.

That's the end of my Three-Panel Plays! I've got some random stuff lined up for Friday and next week, but starting in April I'll be embarking on another scene-by-scene adventure.... this time of King Lear! Oh, this is going to be barrels of fun!

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