The Law's the Thing


Featuring Portia from The Merchant of Venice, another one of Shakespeare's great cross-dressing heroines. I always wondered why Portia, after her triumphant legal victory in the courts of Venice, decided not to pursue a legal career. She was clearly more informed about Venetian law than any of the men in court, and could spot a sneaky, underhanded loophole from a mile away. And we're supposed to believe she goes happily back to Belmont to keep house for that well-meaning damp rag Bassanio? Pssssh.

This comic is inspired by the Stratford Festival's 2013 production of The Merchant of Venice . I've never particularly cared for Merchant  as a play; I'd previously seen two stage productions and one film version, none of which really connected with me. However, the Stratford production, starring Scott Wentworth as Shylock, was phenomenal and, for a self-proclaimed cynic such as myself, surprisingly powerful. If you're within striking distance of Ontario, it closes next week. Get your tickets now!

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