Dido, Queen of Carthage (in 3 Panels)

It’s MARLOWE MAY! Every Tuesday and Thursday of this month we’ll be taking an extremely quick look at one of Christopher Marlowe’s plays, starting with Dido, Queen of Carthage!

Some more people die at the end too, but I didn’t have enough space to include them after drawing that pyre.

Shout-out to my pocket dramaturg, Kate Pitt, for consulting with me on this comic!

Stick Figure Iconography: Christopher Marlowe

One final installment in the latest run of Iconography comics, and, it’s Shakespeare’s contemporary Christopher Marlowe! Everyone knows what Marlowe looks like, right?


Incidentally, I’m taking next week off to recover from a long trip, but the rest of the month will be MARLOWE MAY, featuring 3-panel overviews of all of his plays! Don’t worry, we’ll be back to good ol’ Shakespeare next month, but for now, buckle on your boots and brush up on your bombast. KIT’S COMING.

Stick Figure Iconography: King James I & VI

Everyone thinks of Shakespeare as an Elizabethan playwright, but actually he was just as much a Jacobean playwright, doing much of his work under the reign (and patronage) of Elizabeth’s successor, the numerically confusing King James I & VI.

Maybe James didn’t portrait well, but he always looks amazingly blank in all his depictions. Or maybe I’m just projecting…

Stick Figure Iconography: Shakespeare

It’s Shakespeare’s birthday! To celebrate, here’s a look at Shakespeare’s iconography.