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It's the last installment of "Stay Sane September"! Thanks so much for putting up with my recycled material from social media and Patreon. It's allowed me to relax and enjoy my visits to the Stratford Festival and the Oregon Shakespeare Festival without having to worry about all the work that wasn't getting done.

Being a full-time Shakespearean comic artist and author is pretty much the best thing in the world, but the creative process is not always straightforward. To wrap up "Stay Sane September", here's a behind-the-scenes look at the ups and downs of my chosen career, as originally seen on Patreon


Thanks for sticking with me through "Stay Sane September" and special thanks to my supporters on Patreon (from whence I re-appropriated these comics) for helping me continue to develop Good Tickle Brain!

Upcoming Appearances


September 28: Cincinnati Museum Insights Lecture

WHO: Me! Again!
WHAT: Talk followed by Q&A on the development of Good Tickle Brain and approaches to making Shakespeare accessible to new audiences. 
WHEN: Thursday, September 28, 7:30pm
WHERE: The University of Cincinnati College of Design, Architecture, Art, and Planning
WHY: Because they have a cool Shakespeare exhibit going on right now! 
HOW: Reserve a FREE ticket at the Cincy Museum website!