Romeo and Juliet: Death & Marriage Totals

So you think "that's all one, the play is done", do you? NOT SO FAST! We still have some important work to do! First, let's take a look at how many people died and how many people got married, so we can scientifically determine if this is a tragedy or a comedy. 

Let me crunch the numbers here... mmmhmm... yeah, this is a tragedy.

Spare a thought for poor Lady Montague, who dies offstage, is mentioned in a throwaway line that nobody pays much attention to, and is hardly ever remembered as having lived, let alone died. 

If you've been too busy or impatient to follow my exhaustive Romeo and Juliet retelling over the past several months, tune in next week for a handy-dandy one-page summary of the entire play! And then we'll be done.