The Tragedy of Young Siward

I've always had a soft spot for Young Siward from Macbeth. He's got four lines and a swordfight, during which he promptly dies, so one cannot rightly say he is one of Shakespeare's great roles. However, he gets a badass fight scene (usually) and basically kickstarts the entire final bloodbath, so I'm always excited to see him appear. 

And so when actor Rodrigo Beilfuss, playing Young Siward in the Stratford Festival's upcoming production of Macbeth, posted this photo of the cover of his script, complete with an alternate subtitle, I felt compelled to do Young Siward justice by making him the star of his very own mini-comic.

As with all my mini-comics, you can print out and assemble your own paper copy by downloading this pdf and following these incomprehensible instructions. Be sure to check out my other mini-comics as well.