Macbeth, part 1

OK, let's get this scene-by-scene retelling of Macbeth underway! I set you up with the dramatis personae on Tuesday, so it's time to plunge right into the first scene:

In case you don't know, Macbeth  is supposed to be cursed. It's supposed to be bad luck to say "Macbeth", especially in a theatre. As someone who is primarily an audience member (as opposed to an actor or other theatre professional) I haven't developed the reflexive habit of automatically substituting "The Scottish Play" or "Mackers" for the offending title.  I'm trying to train myself to do so, however, so I don't unintentionally freak anyone out.

I'll let Edmund Blackadder take it from here...

Tune in next week for some more Scottish Play antics!

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