The Macbeth Death Clock

I apologize if you're sick of looking at dead stick figures, but I'm having a hard time stopping now. 

You'll note that Macbeth's death procession is a fairly steady one. Unlike Hamlet, where most of the dying is crammed into the last scene, the murder and mayhem in Macbeth is fairly evenly spaced out. Some notes:

  • I've included Macdonald, who doesn't appear in the play at all, but is famous for being the poor sap who Macbeth unseams from the nave to the chops. 
  • I've also included the Thane of Cawdor, because he's important to the plot.
  • The precise number of Macduff's children who are slaughtered is not specified, but it's definitely more than one, so I've added a random baby Macduff to make them plural.
  • It's not specified exactly how Lady Macbeth dies. Malcolm says she "by self and violent hands / Took off her life", which I've interpreted to mean "she stabs herself", because I'm getting really good at drawing stick figures stabbing themselves.

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