Three-Panel Plays, part 16

The Three-Panel Plays are into the Ts now. If anyone ever asks you "which letter is most likely to start the title of a Shakespeare play?" the answer is T - assuming you're counting The Two Noble Kinsmen, of course. Otherwise it's H, with all the Henries. 

That's the basic gist of The Tempest. I'm very sorry that I cut out Caliban, but (a) I didn't have the space for him, and (b) I don't know how to draw Calibans. 

Confession: Out of the 37 Shakespeare plays that I have seen (I stupidly missed the Stratford Festival's production of The Two Noble Kinsmen back in 2002) I would have to say that Timon of Athens is probably my least favorite. This is probably because I am a feckless, shallow youth more interested in the joys of the world than in a bitter study of a man's descent into miserable misanthropy, but hey, to each their own. 

Next up on Friday, we hurtle on towards the end with Titus Andronicus (that's a fun one, believe you me) and Troilus and Cressida!

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