Three-Panel Plays, part 11

We're on the downward slope of the Three Panel Plays! Only sixteen left to go!

More on Portia's cross-dressing here and here.

....aah! I just realized I left Nerissa out of that cross-dressing comic. Don't worry, I'll go back and add her in. Poor Nerissa - perennial second banana, and she ends up with that jerk, Gratiano.

Falstaff and the buck basket made a cameo apperance in last year's Christmas cartoon. Because grown men hiding in baskets never ceases to be amusing.

Tune in again on Monday for another pair of comedies: A Midsummer's Night's Dream and Much Ado About Nothing! Apart from Macbeth, all of the "M" plays are comedies. Well, if you think Measure for Measure is funny, that is...

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