Romeo and Juliet: Act 1, Scene 2

OK, let's get back to A Stick Figure Romeo & Juliet!

"What could possibly go wrong?" is a recurring theme in this play. And in most Shakespeare plays, to be honest. And in life, come to think of it.

My new life motto is "What could possibly go wrong?"

Tune in again next week, when we meet the other title character!

Romeo and Juliet
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Let's Do It (Let's Fall in Shakespearean Love)

It's Valentine's Day! Let's dust off one of Cole Porter's classic love songs and give it a Shakespearean twist. 

If you're not familiar with the original song, here's another Shakespearean version of it, courtesy of the RSC Shakespeare Revue:

To be honest, I was trying to find a different song to use, because they did such a good job with this one and I didn't want to retread the ground, but it was just TOO MUCH FUN not to...

Happy Valentine's Day! (Or, if you prefer, Happy Singles Appreciation Day!)

Romeo and Juliet: Act 1, Scene 1 (part 1)

Let us set the scene... It is a quiet day in Verona's main marketplace, when all of a sudden various young men wearing conspicuously different-colored clothing arrive...

It's a pity that Sampson and Gregory's banter is often heavily cut down in performance, as it's one of the more sustained examples of that classical Shakespearean technique I like to call "dick jokes".

It's then immediately followed by a mass brawl precipitated by one guy biting his thumb (an offensive gesture) at another guy.

And people say Shakespeare is boring...

Romeo and Juliet
Dramatis Personae | Prologue | 1.1a

Romeo and Juliet: Dramatis Personae

Time for another scene-by-scene retelling of an entire play! This time around it's that classic (i.e. one you probably all had to study in school at sometime in your life) Romeo and Juliet! Let's start, as always, with a look at the dramatis personae:

Tune in again next week as we launch straight into the MOST FAMOUS PROLOGUE EVER.