I've gotten better at dressing my knots over the years, but this still occasionally happens:


Climbing is a very slang-intensive culture. Some terms are technical in nature and should be learned and used by newcomers to the sport. Others... others are best picked up organically. 


Gym Rat Outside, pt. 2

I'm super-excited to get outside on some real rock tomorrow in Colorado! However, I've heard that smeary, non-existent footholds are the order of the day out there, so I'm expecting this scene to play out a lot:

Gym Rat Outside, pt. 1

I've only climbed on actual rock three times so far, due to Southeast Michigan's crushing lack of vertical terrain. So far, this has been my biggest challenge making the transition from gym to crag. 

Mortal Coil

The first time I tried to coil a rope, I nearly strangled myself. It's gotten better since then... mostly.


Whipper Will

Flashback to when I finally took the lead test at my gym, after about two years of postponing it because I was scared of taking the fall. 


Reader... I took the fall. 


I try not to be one of those climbers who is super-chatty while they are on the wall... but there have been occasional lapses.


I'm still annoyed about those leggings, especially because the kneebar ended up not working anyways. 


I've always avoided the crack in my gym, as I had no idea how to climb it. And then I learned. 

And now I avoid it because it HURTS LIKE HELL. 

Hindsight Beta

Have I mentioned that I'm not very good at route-reading?

Idiocy aside, I'm actually unduly pleased with myself that I made that move without using the arete. It was WAAAAAAAAY harder that way. 

World's Best Spotter

Giving a good spot when bouldering is an art. An art I have not mastered.


In my defense, my unfortunate climbing buddy depicted here has a tendency to cling on to the wall for just a second longer than expected when falling, causing her trajectory to veer wildly from any reasonable prediction.

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