Shakespearean History Bingo

The Shakespearean Bingo train keeps rolling with today's follow-up to last week's Shakespearean Comedy Bingo. Today we take a look at the histories.

I was really tempted to put squares in that said "Someone is named Henry", "Someone is named Richard", "Someone is named Edward", but it got a little repetitious. Not any more repetitious than "So-and-so is killed", I realize, but you can't really avoid that in the histories. The histories are all about so-and-so being killed. 

Shakespearean Comedy Bingo

Last summer I put together an Operetta Bingo sheet, scientifically designed to capture the most popular cliches present in light opera. Well, it just seemed obvious to apply the same process to Shakespeare's plays. Given the huge number of cliches present in Shakespeare, I thought it wise to break them down by genre. Today we look at the comedies. 


Operetta Bingo

I am intensely fond of all things Shakespearean, but my first theatrical love was operetta, those fluffy, lyrical stage confections that aren't quite operas but haven't evolved into musicals. My parents took me to a local production of Johann Strauss's Die Fledermaus when I was three years old (I fell asleep in Act 3), followed shortly afterwards by a trip to the Stratford Festival to see their Pirates of Penzance. I was hooked.

Fortunately for me, the Ohio Light Opera is not too long a drive away from my home. Now in its 36th year, OLO's mission is to perform as many random operettas, light operas, comic operas and early musicals as possible. I have been going there for almost my entire life and shall be driving down again this week to get my annual operetta fix. 

To celebrate, I've put together a small bingo sheet covering some of the most common (and beloved) operetta tropes. If you are going to see an operetta anytime soon, print out a copy and take it along. Just please don't shout "BINGO" in the middle of the performance.

The sausage roll song, incidentally, is from Gilbert and Sullivan's The Grand Duke. This will probably not be the last time Gilbert and Sullivan is featured on this blog...