Julius Caesar: Act 4, Scene 2 (part 3)

So, where are we now?

We're still in the tent! Talking about stuff!

This bit of the tent scene is primarily exposition, although it does feature Brutus putting on his best "Brave, Stoic, & Noble" act.

Also, Brutus deliberately forces Messala (the guy in the helmet) to break the news of Portia's death to him, even though he already knows about it. I think that's a rotten thing to do to Messala, honestly. Way to unnecessarily put him in a really awkward and uncomfortable position, Brutus. 


I was at the Shakespeare Theatre Association's annual conference last weekend and had the opportunity to sit down with the hosts of No Holds Bard (the Shakespeare podcast Shakespeare would have listened to) for a second year in a row. This time I joined Jenn Deon of Persistence Theatre, Brett Elliot of Kingsmen Shakespeare Company, and Lesley Currier of Marin Shakespeare Company to participate in the second Fantasy Shakespeare Season draft.

We all took turns selecting Shakespeare plays to include in our hypothetical theatre seasons. I'm quite pleased with how my season turned out; I'm regretting my round two pick, and I don't know how many producers would be willing to finance it, but it's got a solid theme and I'd be genuinely excited to see almost all of them (round two pick notwithstanding).

Give it a listen below or head on over to No Holds Bard