Twelfth Night: Act 2, Scene 3 (part 2)

THE STORY SO FAR: While Viola is struggling with a cross-dressed love triangle, Sir Toby is busy partying into the wee hours of the night, accompanied (and funded) by his pal and patsy, Sir Andrew Aguecheek. This does not amuse Malvolio.

This bit of the scene actually has two of my favorite lines. One classic line is Sir Toby's "Dost thou think that because thou art virtuous, there shall be no more cakes and ale?" It's basically one of the best lines to trot out when someone is being smug and superior. LET'S HEAR IT FOR CAKES AND ALE. 

The second line I love is Sir Andrew's plaintive "I was adored once too." It's pathetic for a number of reasons, mostly because (a) it's part of a whole series of exchanges where Sir Andrew is basically running around after the big kids shouting "Oooh! Me too!" in a desperate attempt to win approval, and (b) it implies, probably accurately, that Sir Andrew is no longer adored.

When you're done giving Antonio a hug, give Sir Andrew a hug too. He needs a hug.

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