The Ladies of Angiers, part 2

We follow up my post on Monday with a further look at the scandalous lives of the Ladies of Angiers (Brigit WilsonCarmen Grant, and Deidre Gillard-Rowlings), liberated from the pages of King John

On the left they are gambling with the Earl of Salisbury, while on the right Chatillon is serving them drinks at the poolside. Angiers is clearly the party town of the Loire Valley.

Anyways, here they are, back in King John again for some more negotiations.

I hasten to point out that, apart from the compulsive gambling habit, this comic is, in fact, totally true to the plot of King John, which could be uncharitably subtitled as "The Play Where Not One, But Two Kings Kind Of Act Like Idiots".

We round off the Ladies of Angiers on Friday. Stop by! There will be drinks*.

*There will not be actual drinks.