Return to Stratford

I realize I've been harping on about the Stratford Festival a lot recently. I'd apologize, but I'm not actually that sorry about it, as it is such a major part of my theatre-going life. This time I managed to "convince" my conveniently pliable co-worker and her sister to accompany me to see A Midsummer Night's Dream and Crazy for You one last time before the end of the season. I recount the saga here:

I'm just going to go ahead and own my half-crazed theatre junkie tag. It's me. I don't deny it.

That's my co-worker. She was actually much more enthusiastic about the prospect of going to Stratford than I give her credit for here. Although my half of the conversation is pretty spot-on....

True story: When I drove up to Stratford by myself for the first time, the border guard was extremely dubious about me going to the theatre all by myself. I invited my co-worker and her sister along mostly to stop the border guards from further prying into my apparent lack-of-life. It worked.


The set changeover tour was fascinating, by the way. It also ended early enough for me to squeeze in dinner before the evening show. So you can have your cake and eat it too.

After they got their coffee, my co-worker and her sister agreed that it was a lot of fun. I'm always right about things like this. 

This. This is the definition of tragedy.

Anyways, thanks again to all the fantastic actors who took the time to chat with me! As always, it is such a pleasure to meet the people behind the performances that I have enjoyed so much over the years. (Not pictured: my awesome co-worker and her sister, in case they wish to remain semi-anonymous and not associate themselves with my incurable theatre obsession.)

Also, that Shakespeare statue has really creepy eyes. It's great.