Richard II, part 1

Richard II
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Let's get this show on the road! Hold on to your metaphorical hats! Everybody on board the Plantagenet train! Woo! Woo! If you missed my cast listing of Richard II, you can check it out here. Now.... charge!


Still awake? Good, because the play hasn't actually started yet. That was just what happened before the play starts, only everyone keeps referring to it during the play, so you kind of need to know it. Onward!


Time for a quiz!

Q1: Richard is...

A. King
B. Queen
C. Prime Minister
D. A lizard

Q2: Henry (aka Bolingbroke) is...

A. Richard's cousin
B. Richard's son
C. Richard's brother
D. Richard's aunt

Q3: St. Lambert's Day is...

A. September 17
B. October 25
C. February 14
D. Something Shakespeare made up

If you answered "A" to all of them, congratulations! You pass. If you missed the last one, that's OK too. I don't have the Calendar of Saints memorized either. I had to look St. Lambert up on Wikipedia.


That's all for today! Join me again on Monday for Act 1, scenes 3 and 4, in which Henry Bolingbroke and Thomas Mowbray almost fight a really exciting duel to the death, and then Richard's new favorites gossip cattily among themselves.

Richard II
Dramatis Personae | Part 1  | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 Part 5
Part 6 Part 7 | Part 8 | Part 9 | Part 10