Curse You, Gravity!


I've reached a level of rock climbing experience where I can usually see very clearly in my mind what I need to do in order to make a particular move. Unfortunately, I'm also at a level of rock climbing experience where my body often completely refuses to cooperate with my mind's grand plans. Either way, it's massively entertaining.

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In other news, I just saw a local screening of the National Theater's recent modern-dress production of Othello . I am not really a fan of either Othello  (apart from the last scene, which is always dynamite) or gratuitous modern dress, but the whole package worked surprisingly well. Also... Emilia. Can we talk about how much I love Emilia in that last scene? I'm going to rewrite Othello  so it ends with Emilia stabbing all these idiotic men in the face and driving off with Desdemona into the sunset, Thelma-and-Louise-style.