Stratford Festival

I first went to the Stratford Festival of Canada when I was four years old. My parents took me to see a production of The Pirates of Penzance, starring Brent Carver. We sat in the front row, right behind the conductor. I was enthralled. And so began a life-long obsession with the theater. 

I saw my first live performance of Shakespeare at the Stratford Festival, and since then have been going back annually. It's developed into something of an addiction. I have, so far, refused therapy for it.

2017 Season

2017-05-04 - The Stratford 2017 Season... in 3 Panels!

2016 Season

2016-07-13 - Review of "Breath of Kings" at the Stratford Festival

2016-06-22 - Review of "All My Sons" at the Stratford Festival

2016-06-14 - Review of "As You Like It" at the Stratford Festival

2016-03-31 - The Stratford 2016 Season... in 3 Panels!

2015 Season

2015-08-25 - My 2015 Stratford Festival Binge

2015-07-21 - Review of "Possible Worlds" at the Stratford Festival

2015-07-14 - Day Trip to Stratford

2015-07-02 - Review of "The Diary of Anne Frank" at the Stratford Festival

2015-06-23 - Review of "Hamlet" at the Stratford Festival

2015-06-18 - Review of "Pericles" at the Stratford Festival

2015-05-21 - The Stratford 2015 Season... in 3 Panels!

2014 Season

2014-10-13 - Return to Stratford

2014-08-29 - The 2014 Stratford Festival: The Musicals

2014-08-27 - The 2014 Stratford Festival: The Plays

2014-08-25 - The 2014 Stratford Festival: My Experience

2014-07-27 - The Ladies of Angiers, part 3

2014-07-23 - The Ladies of Angiers, part 2

2014-07-21 - The Ladies of Angiers, part 1

2014-06-30 - The Stratford Festival 2014 Season... in 3 Panels!

2013 Season

I first started "documenting" the Stratford Festival after my visit there in 2013. Here are cartoons on Waiting for Godot, Measure for Measure, The Three Musketeers, Othello, Mary Stuart, Blithe Spirit , The Merchant of Venice, Romeo and Juliet, Fiddler on the Roof , and the joys of repertory theater.