For those who don't speak all six squiggly langauges featured in this comic, here is a translation:   Me (in Indonesian):   Good morning! How are you?   Co-worker (in Russian):   I'm fine, and you?   Me (in Burmese):  I'm fine. Today is cold, isn't it?   Co-worker (in Greek):   It's cold. I don't like it.   Me (in Thai):   I brought snacks!   Co-worker (in Czech):   Thank you! 
 It was time to "weed" out irrelevant and redundant books from our reading room, so two of my colleagues decided to form Team Weed. This naturally snowballed into Bob Marley hats, Bob Dylan signs, and surprisingly innocuous brownies.
 The first two panels were taken verbatim from my co-worker. I simply took the story to its inevitable conclusion.
 Everyone enjoys receiving boxes of books. Except when they're the wrong  kind   of books.
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