I grew up eating krupuk (Indonesian deep fried prawn chips) but never actually got around to frying them for myself until recently. It's extremely exciting. 
 When buying rice, you shouldn't necessarily just grab the first bag you see with the elephant logo you usually get on it. It might be broken rice. And then you might be stuck with 25lbs of broken rice you really didn't want. 
 The first few days of allergy season, when you have to come to grips with the fact that you do, in fact, have allergies, are always the hardest.
 This is verbatim from my mother. I'd imagine the bacon scent is a good incentive to perfect your Pilates breathing technique.
 It's all fun and games until you get snow on my daffodils.
 Just thinking about the state of my external hard drives makes me depressed.
 Children are adorable. And bloodthirsty. Adorably bloodthirsty. 
 I'm not judging potato chips, but I definitely had Reader's Remorse after finishing  Gone Girl  .
 My roommate in college for all four years was an Amy. We were anagram buddies. Those were the good old days.
 I actually got all the way up to running a 13-minute mile before I "forgot" to keep running. 
 My dad is funny. 
 I'm still bitter about this.
 I used to love blackouts, but then we got a generator. Now I have to settle for internet outages.
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