Macbeth, part 7

Let's see... Duncan has arrived at the Macbeths' castle... there's murder in the air.. what are we missing?

Oh yes! A soliloquy!

Lessons you should take away from this:

  1. Don't argue with Lady Macbeth.
  2. Seriously, don't argue with her. She's going on about bashing a baby's brains out. She has some serious issues.

It is implied that Lady Macbeth had a baby in the past, but there is no sign of a Macbeth-ling running around the castle. Many productions nowadays like to run with the idea that it died in childhood, leaving the Macbeths childless and bereft. The Fassbender Macbeth (which I haven't seen because it's not out here yet, grumble grumble) apparently opens with the hypothetical child's funeral. 

Tune in next week when the Macbeths finally get their hands dirty!, seriously, they get their hands dirty. 

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Macbeth, part 6

Duncan and the royal posse have finally arrived at the Macbeth's castle!

All credit to Lady Macbeth, she actually doesn't give away anything in this scene. No murdery double entendres, no whispered asides in which she reveals her bloody intentions. Nope, she plays the gracious hostess very solidly. 

Tune in on Thursday, as we board the train to Murderville!

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Macbeth, part 3

Let's get back to the witches! I always find it interesting that the witches aren't actually in the play very much. Their presence dominates the play, but they actually only have three scenes (four, if you count the perpetually-cut Hecate interlude). 

The witches have this whole "let me tell you about the horrible things I've done since we last met" section at the beginning of this scene, which is mostly notable for containing one of my favorite obscure quotes

Everyone likes to blame Lady Macbeth for the whole unpleasant "murder" business, but really Macbeth is right there thinking it from the very start.

Tune in next week for more Macbeth antics!

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Macbeth, part 2

We've met the witches, now let's meet the king!


I've always loved the "unseamed him from the nave to the chops" line (a.k.a. split him open from his bellybutton to his chinny-chin-chin). It's just so wonderfully brutal and unnecessarily gory. It really sets the tone for the whole play, as does the profusely bleeding soldier who reports on it.

Tune in on Thursday, when we'll check back with the witches! Also be sure to check out all my other Macbeth comics.

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Macbeth, part 1

OK, let's get this scene-by-scene retelling of Macbeth underway! I set you up with the dramatis personae on Tuesday, so it's time to plunge right into the first scene:

In case you don't know, Macbeth  is supposed to be cursed. It's supposed to be bad luck to say "Macbeth", especially in a theatre. As someone who is primarily an audience member (as opposed to an actor or other theatre professional) I haven't developed the reflexive habit of automatically substituting "The Scottish Play" or "Mackers" for the offending title.  I'm trying to train myself to do so, however, so I don't unintentionally freak anyone out.

I'll let Edmund Blackadder take it from here...

Tune in next week for some more Scottish Play antics!

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Macbeth: Dramatis Personae

It's been a while since I did my last scene-by-scene retelling of an entire Shakespeare play. What with the Michael Fassbender film making ripples in the popular consciousness, I thought it might be a good time to tackle.... MACBETH!!!

<<insert ominous roll of thunder>>

Here's a look at our main characters... and quite a few of the minor ones, too.


My apologies to anyone whose favorite thane is Angus, Menteith, or Caithness, or anyone who feels aggrieved that I omitted the apparitions.

Tune in again on Thursday for Act 1, Scene 1 of.... MACBETH!!!

<<insert ominous roll of thunder>>

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