Tiny Expo 2017 Images

Hello again, Tiny Expo committee! I had a lovely time at Tiny Expo last year and was delighted to get second place in the "favorite artist" contest that occurred, especially given all the other awesome artists who were there. Here's what I would plan to sell at Tiny Expo 2017. (As always, all items are my own design and are printed by local Ann Arbor and Plymouth businesses.)

In case you want to know more about me, I'm an Ann Arbor based comic artist who has been creating a Shakespeare webcomic for the past four years. It is very possibly the most popular stick-figure Shakespeare comic in existence. It is also very possibly the only stick-figure Shakespeare comic in existence. 

Comic Books ($4-$7.50)

I currently have two comic books available, the brand new second-edition of my best-selling The Complete Works of Shakespeare in Three Panels Each ($4) and A Stick-Figure Macbeth ($7.50). These will be joined by A Stick Figure Romeo and Juliet ($7.50) in time for Tiny Expo. 

T-Shirts (Full Price - $18)

My "Complete Works of Shakespeare" t-shirt is available in a wide range of unisex, ladies, and youth sizes.

T-Shirts (Clearance - $10)

My "Shakespeare/Burbage" campaign shirts, "Che-kespeare", and "Have a Bard Day" shirts will all be heavily discounted. 

Posters ($10)

I will have lots of pre-rolled and packaged copies of my Shakespeare flowchart poster, which has proved very popular, esepcially with English teachers. 


Bumper Stickers (Clearance - $1.50)

Despite the election being over, these bumper stickers still seem fairly popular, for some reason. I'm sure I don't know why.

Mini-Comics ($0.50)

I'm planning to bring a bunch of my tiny, self-produced mini-comics, which are not available through my online store. They make great stocking stuffers and kids love them. 

That's all I've got at the moment! Thanks for your consideration!