Tiny Expo 2016 Images

Hello, Tiny Expo jury! Here's what I would plan to sell at Tiny Expo 2016. All items are my own design and are printed by local Ann Arbor (and, in one case, Plymouth) businesses.

In case you want to know more about me, I'm an Ann Arbor based comic artist who has been creating a Shakespeare webcomic for the past three years. It is very possibly the most popular stick-figure Shakespeare comic in existence. It is also very possibly the only stick-figure Shakespeare comic in existence. 

Comic Books ($4-$7.50)

I currently have two comic books available, my best-selling The Complete Works of Shakespeare in Three Panels Each ($4) and A Stick-Figure Macbeth ($7.50). I hope by the end of October to also offer A Stick Figure Twelfth Night (estimated $6-$7). 

T-Shirts (Full Price - $18)

My "Complete Works of Shakespeare" t-shirt is available in a wide range of unisex, ladies, and youth sizes.

T-Shirts (Clearance - $10)

My "Shakespeare/Burbage" campaign shirts, "Che-kespeare", and "Have a Bard Day" shirts will all be heavily discounted. 

Posters (estimated $10-$12)

I am going into production soon on an 18"x24" poster of my popular Shakespeare Flowchart comic. The price isn't finalized yet, as I've still got to go hammer out the details and costs with the printer, but I imagine it won't come in much above $10. I'm planning on bringing some poster tubes that people can use to carry it safely around the library. 

Tote Bags (estimated $15-$20)

I currently have a few of these tote bags in stock, but am not 100% happy with them and am thinking of producing a slightly different model of tote bag with the same design. 

Bumper Stickers (Clearance - $1.50)

My election-themed material is all going to be on clearance, obviously. (I'm hoping this particular sticker's slogan doesn't turn out to be accurate, obviously.)

Mini-Comics ($0.50)

I'm planning to bring a bunch of my tiny, self-produced mini-comics, which are not available through my online store. They make great stocking stuffers!

That's all I've got! Thanks for your consideration!