Climber Christmas Carols, part 1

Happy holidays to all my awesome readers! Hope you get some wall time during the winter break. I’m off next week, but will be back with more fun climbing comics in the new year!


Crushing Carols

Hang in there, fellow gym rats. Only a couple more days of climbing to the soft sounds of Christmas crooning being piped through the speakers.


I just want to say… I’m super proud of my gnarly toe calluses.


Don't Sweat It

My hands start sweating like Niagara Falls if I even THINK about climbing. Meanwhile…


Old Friends

Climb at a gym long enough, and you’ll start to have very personal relationships with individual holds.



Hangboarding! Something we should all definitely do but are also definitely not going to do!


Regional Dialects

When I visited family in Singapore a year or so ago and decided to tour the local gyms, I discovered that the language of "generic bouldering encouragement" is not, in fact, universal. 

I felt so provincial with my pedestrian "COME ON!" shouts....


I always try to be welcoming and non-judgemental when I see new climbers in rental gear, because I remember how nervous I was when I started climbing and how encouraging the gym regulars were to me. HAVING SAID THAT... there are exceptions. 


Seriously, dude-bros... don't try to out-climb the girls.


One of the things I love about climbing is how my mind quiets down as soon as my hands touch the wall.