Review of "Possible Worlds" at the Stratford Festival

Two weekends ago I went up to the Stratford Festival with my co-worker to see Possible Worlds. Here is my review!

Let's get the water thing out of the way: the entire stage was several inches under water. Visually and thematically, it was really really cool, especially given the revelations at the end of the play. However, it also meant that my co-worker and I, being obsessed with the physical workings of theatre, spent a lot of time thinking things like "I wonder what sort of non-slip coating they put on the stage," "I'm pretty sure their shoes are all made out of rubber'" "what are those banker's boxes really made of, they can't be cardboard or they'd be disintegrating in the water," and other such ruminations. 

Again, it is to the actors' eternal credit that the production managed to keep us engaged in the story (and not just the striking methods of storytelling) throughout the performance.  It was, all in all, a mesmerizing production and, despite having reservations about the source material, we both really enjoyed ourselves. 

On the whole (being, as previously mentioned, an inherently frivolous person)  I prefer my plays with more jokes and/or chaotic battle scenes, and less philosophical ruminations on the nature of human imagination and reality, but offhand I can't imagine (ha ha) seeing a better production of this play.

You might bring a towel with you, though, in case you happen to be seated in the "splash zone"...

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Day Trip to Stratford

So, when I posted my 3-panel play summary of the Stratford Festival's 2015 season, I casually mentioned that I wasn't going to be seeing two of the plays and if anyone reading JUST HAPPENED to work for the Festival and JUST HAPPENED to be able to get me tickets to them, that would be great.

Well, their social media coordinator JUST HAPPENED to offer me tickets, which JUST HAPPENED to be awesome. I saw Anne Frank last month, but was then left with the dilemma of who would possibly be interested in accompanying me on what would be a one-day round trip to see Possible Worlds, a bizarre play about alternate realities and brains being stolen.

Fortunately I have an awesome co-worker who is gullible enough to be convinced to join me on my mad-cap theatrical adventures. Here is (more or less) how the day unfolded:

My co-worker is an enabler.

Actually, the border guard asked "What play are you seeing?" When I replied that we were seeing Possible Worlds, she said "Oh, that one." She waved us through before I could get a fuller report from her. 

Stratford has some great bookshops. If there wasn't so much great theatre going on, I would spend all my time there in the bookshops. We ended up going to The Book Stage, right across from the Studio Theatre.

Also, I should point out that my co-worker is a librarian and loves bookshops. I'm doing great violence to her character for the sake of comedy, but she's used to that. 

I had read up about Possible Worlds in order to write my 3-panel play summary of it, but the only thing I could find out about Stratford's current production was that it was going to be played with the stage flooded by two inches of water. 

I'll post a review of Possible Worlds next week, but I have to say that I actually really enjoyed the water. I was afraid it was going to be gimmicky and distracting, but it worked really well with the production's concept. 

Not pictured: my co-worker and I loudly singing show tunes as we drove to and from Stratford. I was actually more than a little hoarse by the time we returned home. 

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