South Pacific

Quick break from Shakespeare today to relate one of my most embarrassing theatrical oversights.


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The Ohio Light Opera 2019 Season, part 2

We’re back with the remaining four productions on the Ohio Light Opera 2019 playbill, starting with a classic Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, possibly the first theatrical piece I memorized as a small child. Because… pirates.


Everyone knows Rodgers and Hammerstein, but Hammerstein did a lot of work with Kern before he really figured out how to effectively integrate these things called “plots” into a musical (Show Boat notwithstanding). Here’s one of their earlier efforts:


A season at OLO wouldn’t be complete without some csardas-fueled Emmerich Kalman (a personal favorite of mine).


And finally, for those fans of hopelessly melodramtic, multi-generational tales of foiled romance, we have this incredibly florid offering from Ivor Novello (aka Jeremy Northam in Gosford Park).


I’m looking forward to seeing all of these next month!

The Ohio Light Opera 2019 Season, part 1

Short break from Shakespeare this week! The Ohio Light Opera, my favorite obscure operetta and early musical theatre festival, is about to open their season this weekend! To celebrate, I’m taking a look at their playbill, starting with some (relatively) heavy hitters.

First up, a Rodgers & Hammerstein classic.


Fun fact: I, a mixed race child of Asian and Caucasian parents, was well into my twenties before I realized Nellie’s problem with Emile was miscegenation. Apparently, I am totally clueless.

Next, some fluffy Gershwin!

I love me some Gershwin, so I am looking forward to this. I’ve seen Crazy For You, the updated, “new and improved” version of Girl Crazy, but I’ve never seen the original.

And now, the opposite of fluffy Gershwin: serious Sondheim.


Tune in Thursday for the rest of the OLO 2019 season, featuring a Gilbert & Sullivan classic and a bunch of REALLY OBSCURE stuff.


Hi! It’s still March and I’m still taking the month off! Why? Because keeping up with the endless conveyor belt of new Good Tickle Brain content is super-fun, but it also takes a lot of time and keeps me from working on various importer longer-term projects. This is usually what happens when I find some free time:


….but this month I’m going to be WAY MORE DISCIPLINED. I PROMISE.

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FILLER: Black Friday

Whoops! I’m behind again, thanks in part to trying to get everything ready for the holidays! Which reminds me, you know what’s coming up soon?


That’s right! The infamous start of the shopping season! To celebrate (no matter how hypocritically), everything in the Good Tickle Shoppe will be 20% off. The flowchart poster will be back in stock, along with a brand-new Shakespearean Insults t-shirt! Stay tuned for more details!

Unfortunately, I still have a lot of work to do on this front, so I am taking next week off from new comics. But fear not! A Midsummer Night’s Dream will be back before the month is out! Thanks for understanding.


Oh boy, you know I’m behind on everything when I fail to post filler content here. First, a comic, and then, the excuses.


Some people have muses. I have potato chips.

ANYWAYS! The reason for my recent delinquency? I’VE BEEN DOING THINGS! I had an absolutely marvelous time last week, giving a talk at Washington College and running a three-panel comics workshop with undergraduate students at Washington College, and then running the same workshop with graduate students in the Shakespeare & Performance program at Mary Baldwin University. Check me out, being all professional and authoritative and stuff:

Speaking at Washington College

Speaking at Washington College

Workshopping at Mary Baldwin University

Workshopping at Mary Baldwin University

(I would like to note that I had two separate red shirts. I didn’t wear the same stinky shirt for both events.)

Having got this extremely fulfilling work out of the way, I finally visited the American Shakespeare Center. The ASC is famous for its gorgeous recreation of the Blackfriars Theatre. Look. So pretty.


ASC very kindly provided me with tickets to all four shows in their current Summer/Fall season. I saw As You Like It, Restoration comedy The Man of Mode, a new adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma, and Richard III. For the last production, I sat on one of those stools onstage, which was a terrifying but also exhilarating experience.

I had an absolutely wonderful time and am already planning a return trip in the hopefully not-too-distant future.

And that’s why I’m currently behind in absolutely everything. Now, if you’ll excuse me… I have some potato chips to eat.